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Start-ups are fun in any industry you may find yourself in. In the tech industry it is not any different. While some make it very big, many don’t. That is ok, because as the saying goes, it is not the destination, it is the journey. I would enjoy working for a startup because of the potential to grow and excitement associated with the growth potential. In addition, startups usually aim to manufacture a new cutting edge product. It is a great feeling to be on the cutting edge of industry. These days every business needs a web site. For my website needs I go to the Web Squad. They are really cool about taking care of their customers. The Web Squad has been in business for a while and I’m glad they are around. In addition to web sites, I have also used them for business cards. They are good at what they do.


Fantasy Car Rentals offers a wide variety of cars for rent. There are many regular sedans for everyday use, but the “fantasy” part of Fantasy Car Rentals refers to their more exotic automobiles that you don’t see too often on the road. Most of us can’t afford these top of the line luxury vehicles, so if I want to drive one I have to spend a few hundred dollars to rent and have some fun. There are people who don’t care at all about this and would not drive one of those vehicles even if it was free. This has always amazed me; how different people can be and how we all have such different preferences. Some of this is accounted for by our genetic differences, and some of it is accounted for by differences in our environments. The potential number of combinations of genes and environment is so vast, that countless personalities emerge. As a matter of fact each and every one of us is unique.